On Inspiration

I'm currently on a bit of a road trip with my family going through Southern Europe in our campervan. Some of the locations we wouldn't have been visiting if it wasn't for other sources, whether that was me pottering around exploring in Google Earth,...

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Latest Peak District Photography

Between the "ravages" of the British winter and spring to me there always seems to be a bit of a hiatus in photography.  I've tried to get out in to the Peak District, even if it just for a walk with the dog, but I've always ensured I've taken the camera -...

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Sutherland’s Grove, Argyll, Scotland

Sutherland's Grove in Argyll is a bit a gem for the photographer (particularly in Autumn), with beech tress, Douglas firs, a rocky gorge, waterfalls and with a bit of a walk stunning views over the Firth of Lorne and its islands. Some of the trees were...

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2017 Retrospective

"Retrospective" - some people get hung up on the word, its almost as if the best is behind them.  That's not stopped Michael Kenna from having at least three and given how prolific he is, I'm sure there is another one in the works.  (Rush has also done two...

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A Year in Photobooks

I had thought that I hadn't bought that many photography books this year (2017), but on checking it appears that I have!  To that end I've done a (very) small review of some of the books I've bought over the course of 2017 - I'm in no way a skilled...

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Winter in the Peak District

Last weekend in the Peak District, there was what has become an increasingly rare thing in the UK (at least on the lower levels) - snow in December.  Snow for me has that great effect of extenuating the features of the land, particularly low lying features...

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Autumn in the Western Isles

Having not been able to visit the islands of North and South Uist in the summer, I had vowed that I would go in the autumn to make up for that.  The Uists are my favourite islands of the Outer Hebrides (or Western Isles), as they are the least populated and don't have...

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Peak District Autumn Round Up

I started this Autumn thinking that it was going to be over before I had a chance to go out there and take anything - as what had happened with the "heather season" this year (a full two weeks early I think!).  That said, it is now mid October and there is...

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On Backups

Not directly a photography related post per se, but given the use of technology is now a days so embedded in most people's photographic practice I thought I would jot down my thoughts on backing up and how I go about it.  Hopefully I will keep it jargon...

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In Search of Balloons, Peak District

I started off the day wanting to shoot the hot air balloon lift at Chatsworth looking down on it from the very edge of Baslow Edge in the Peak District, but I also wanted to catch a bit of pre-dawn light over the Peak District first of all.  In the end the...

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