The Limb Brook is a small stream that rises just outside the city boundary of Sheffield, in the Peak District, near the small hamlet of Ringinglow. It runs through Ecclesall Woods in Sheffield down to the River Sheaf where it ends in the River Sheaf or in a mill pond at Millhouses in Sheffield. This photographic project aims to chart the Limb Brook from its source to its end as well as the immediate surrounding area.

Ties to the Land

Ties to the Land is a pinhole photography project, documenting mankind’s relationship to the land and its uses over the years, from stone circles, to mining to wind power. The project draws in part its inspiration from the work’s of the author Robert Macfarlane.


Stoneworks is a project that aims to document the neolithic monuments and stone circles of the Derbyshire Peak District using pinhole cameras.

Tempus Edax Rerum

My initial response to a switch to digital photography after more than 5 years of using film.


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