With a stupid o’clock start (0230hrs) to catch the dawn light, Rob Knight (from https://www.rkphotographic.com/) and I set off in the dark to Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve near Skegness.  We didn’t really know the weather forecast, but I was hoping for some muted pre-dawn light as opposed to anything dramatic (perhaps the lack of sleep was influencing my hoped for choice of light).

Having parked up, we walked out in the dark and as the light increased we reccied a number of spots, before returning to a place we identified at the very start.  It took a good number of hours for us to progress along what couldn’t have been any more than half a mile of shore line picking out various things that took our interest.  (And maybe using my tilt-shift lens accounted for a lot of the time as well!)  I may have dozed at points throughout the walk….

After returning to the carpark, we explored The Haven, which is a creek that runs through the Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve where a small number of fishing boats and yachts are moored.  I did try my hand a bit of digital pinhole, but wasn’t particuarly pleased with any of the results.

I cropped the image at the start of the post to the same format as a Hasselblad Xpan, and I’ve included the orginal shot below as well – which one works for you best?

Click on any of the images to see them larger.


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