At the weekend we (family and friends Tim and Charlotte and Anna)  paid a visit to Stanton Moor in the Peak District, a small Mecca of neolithic burial mounds and stone circles.  But we didn’t go for the history, we went there for the heather and the colour.  Stanton Moor (and the rest of Peak District) is in full  heather colour just now and this has been helped in many ways by the dry spell which made the grasses dry and stand out in their own right.

I had been drawn to this scene through out our trip to the moor, and came back to it on a number of occasions during our trip.  After a brief rain shower (did I say it was dry?!) the sun came out from behind the clouds and I rushed back to the spot.  After much deliberation, I settled for a 4×5 crop as I wanted to get the small boulder in the shot to draw the eye in to the scene.

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