So having previously shared my mobile phone shots of the view from near Slade Hooton, here are some of my shots taken with Velvia 50 on my Bronica.  I used my much neglected 150mm lens to try and condense the landscape, as the fields of poppies that were evident in previous years photographs were not there this year at all.  I understand that the place I went to last near Barlborough is lacking poppies this year too.


These shots do look under exposed, but for the light conditions that I had, being in a dip with the sun behind me, I feel they are representative of what I saw.  The light only lasted about 20 mins as the sun cleared the horizon, I was still in the shadow of the dip, before it progressed above the horizon lighting the church in the distance and then disappeared in to a bank of cloud not to be seen again.



Slade Hooton Poppies

Slade Hooton Poppies

Slade Hooton Poppies

Slade Hooton Poppies

Slade Hooton Poppies-1

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