With a new day job that requires my full attention (and more), coupled with increasing calls on my home time amongst other things, I took the decision to update my digital equipment to something a little more “current”.  This is to supplement/replace my workhorse Bronica SQa set up.  The logic being that I will at least cut out time for scanning from my workflow (doesn’t that make it sound so pretentious?).  You still have to spend time spotting though I have re-discovered!


One thing that has immediately struck me is that I feel (for the moment at least) that I’m not connecting with what I’m shooting with a 35mm digital camera – using a Bronica SQa you look down on a screen that is 6cm sq and is the same size as the negative that you will produce.  Using a a clear 6cm sq viewfinder you get to explore and ponder (as often I do) before you press the shutter release (or after a lot of pondering, decide to pack everything away having taken nothing).  Assuming you’re using a tripod, with digital you’re bending over, getting uncomfortable and peering through a tiny eye piece trying to compose and focus your shot – no time to ponder and think.


From that I’m getting no satisfaction out of taking my photographs just now, perhaps its more of the process of taking a picture that is the thing for me as opposed to the final result.  So I’m not sure through trying to improve things in one area, and through spending a chunk of cash in the process, that I have improved things for myself in terms of my enjoyment of photography.


Only time will tell.

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