Nine Stones Close Stone Circle in the Snow

What an excellent morning! I gingerly drove out to Nine Stones Close Stone Circle this morning, in anticipation of getting this shot. It took probably 90 minutes via Baslow and the stunning Chatworth Estate from Sheffield (50 minutes longer than normal), plus a walk in from an A road instead of the 300 yard walk from the unclassified road, but it was worth it.

Absolute silence.

It was how, I guess, it would have been for people prior to mechanisation, perfectly still save for nature and the local church bell tolling in the distance.

Nine Stone Close, The Peak Distirct

Nine Stone Close, The Peak Distirct

I was here to do pinhole, and I hope that I haven’t fluffed up my metering reading for that –  I do hope it comes out in a similar vain to the shot above (which is a 12 x 6 crop of an 8 shot panorama).  Here is a link to the pinhole shot on Flickr.

Note to diary, everything is 18% Grey, even snow…

Had a lovely chat with a teacher who was out with his kids, before his daughter got called in to work. (If you’re reading this don’t forget to drop me a note).

So thats one of two of my Nine Stones Close tick list ticked off.  The next is the mid summer moon rise between the two rocky out crops that you see in the background to the left – not quite sure how I will pull that one off in pinhole, but we’ll see!

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