Over the weekend I had the chance to develop some rather old films, one dating back over a year and the other about 7 months.  Two of the films were of pinhole photography which is a much simpler form of photography than you may usually encounter.  A wooden box, with a hole and a basic shutter to slide back and forth to let the light in to the pinhole camera.

The first photograph was taken at Callanish II Stone Circle, as the name suggests its not that far from the famous Callanish I Stone Circle.  But, it is a lot quieter and infinitely more enjoyable.  This was taken using infra red film, which gives the photograph its ethereal effect.

The last photograph was taken at Lumsdale in the Peak Distirct.  Lumsdale had a series of mills and dams running down it, the ruins of which make for a very photogenic 500m of brook side walking.

You can see more Black and White Photography in the Gallery.

Infra Red Pinhole, Callanish II Stone Circle, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides
Lumsdale Water Fall, Peak District, black and white pinhole photography

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