As I type this, I should be in the Lake District, however due to a series of issues with my camper van I scratched that and spent the last couple of days turning the vegetable patch, doing daddy taxi service, planting onions and a variety of garlics and also going for the occasional short walk.  Enough about how I roll, you’re here the photography.

Today I visited a wood I haven’t visited before, its nine minutes from my home, its still inside the Sheffield City boundary, though not that far from the Peak District (about 50 yards!) and it was lovely and quiet.  The wood was a bit of an odd choice, as its a pine wood This is the time of year that I should be chasing down the last of the colour in the broad leaf woods in the Peak District, having not had much in the way of opportunities this Autumn to get out.  That said, I felt like a change, and having taken a long detour on the way home, there are still patches of colour in the woods in the more sheltered parts of Sheffield and the Peaks which should stand me in good stead for next weekend.

It was good to be challenged by a new location that I wasn’t familiar with.  The wood also was blessedly quiet and still, so it was ticking my boxes a lot.  The only complication at times was that it was rather sunny first thing this morning, but that issue soon sorted itself out 🙂  With the low Autumnal sun, it make for some interesting light when it did shine.

In my wanderings I came across some interesting graffiti cellophaned between the trees, off the beaten track and out of sight of any path – so unless you knew it was there or were like me wandering you’d never see it.  Quite interesting and very slightly erotic.

On the whole a very productive day, with a goodly number of rolls of 120 shot, including an old formulation Velvia 50 courtesy of Tim Parkin.


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