Having not taken anything new with my pinhole cameras in nearly 9 months, I recently bought a pinhole cap for my digital camera, as I missed the pinhole style of photography – maybe not the chemicals, the mess and the scanning 🙂  My first reaction to my first digital pinhole photograph was “Bloody hell! The sensor is filthy!”  Which ultimately resulted in a spotting session/photo clean up session on my desktop PC that started to make me hanker after the days of spotting scans.

Having taken only a couple of pinhole shots with the camera mounted on the tripod, I very quickly opted (for no particular reason) to hand hold the camera.  I must admit, as someone who usually doesn’t like overly contrived photography, I did quite like the result – there is quite a painterly feel – almost Turneresque – to the photographs.  I didn’t make an effort to move the camera around, instead, when you’re trying to hold a camera steady for 5 seconds, the results are, well… Unsteady.

You can see more digital pinhole photography in my new gallery.

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