You can probably get no bigger cliche at the start of Autumn than to have mist and the silver birches of Bolehill Quarry, just below Surprise View, in the same shot.  That is what some may think, those that think they are above such simple pleasures as spending time in the dampened silence of the woods as the sunrises.  Landscape photography is what we do, and for those that deny themselves the opportunity on the grounds that its a cliche or that they are in some way photographically or intellectually (or both!) above such things is quite frankly their loss (and one less person to keep out of shot! 🙂 ).  Once they have climbed out of their own arses, they may be able to enjoy the simpler things in life and stop torturing themselves with miss placed ideas about themselves.

Me?  I enjoy the simpler pleasures, and whilst my photography has changed in the past 3 months (Brighter?  More sky?),  it does still challenge me and gives me pleasure (and a degree of frustration as well!).

I spent a couple of hours in Bolehill Quarry, having enjoyed a misty sunrise up on Over Owler Tor.  Despite the midges I did get a number of shots that I was ultimately happy with.

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