We had our first campervan trip this year up to Bamburgh, up in Northumberland.  We’d didn’t go for the photography per se, its the kid’s holiday as well, instead we went for the wide open beach and (if we got the right spot) fantastic views of Bamburgh Castle.

That said…the weather was rather good at sunset (and at sunrise the next morning).  What I couldn’t get over, was the number of photographers all chasing the same spot, particularly where I was stood for sunrise on the 2nd day.  A JCB and a long ribbon of shallow water leading the eye across Bamburgh beach towards the famous Bamburgh castle.  There was interlocking tripod legs and once I moved on, two people jumped for the my former spot.  I’d love to show you the shot, however, I’m far from happy with the shot, or indeed the processing and handling by my local camera store (but that’s another story).

For me it was quite a disheartening experience, lots of people and despite the space all chasing the same thing down.  Then there was the people that just got in the way of everyone else – standing well in front of the line of other photographers and then walking on to silhouette themselves on the sky line against the setting sun.  Maybe moor lands and woodlands are my thing, quiet, peaceful and if you do meet someone you can engage and carry on your way.  I’m not anti people, just anti-crowds and I feel increasingly I need my peace to reset my balance/recharge my batteries.

Looking at some of the results on Flickr of some of the people there this weekend, you might have been forgiven for thinking that a small thermonuclear device had gone off near Bamburgh beach, but thats their take on what they saw at Bamburgh and how they perceived it. Here’s mine.

Bamburgh Beach at Dawn, shot using Kodak Portra 400 on a Bronica SQa

Bamburgh Beach at Dawn

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