Between the “ravages” of the British winter and spring to me there always seems to be a bit of a hiatus in photography.  I’ve tried to get out in to the Peak District, even if it just for a walk with the dog, but I’ve always ensured I’ve taken the camera – travelling light – no tripod or filters.  In this time I’ve concentrated on a regular dog walking haunt of mine – through repetition I’ve seen the changes that happen in the area, but I’m always seeing new things as well.  I feel there are the seeds of a project here…but I’m not there yet.

I’ve also (whisper it), bought a drone.  Got some fun things planned with it for our holidays, but right now the thing that appeals the most to me are the abstract like photos that you can take of the land when you point the camera straight down.  They introduce a certain amount of ambiguity that is starting to grow on me.  Living on the edge of the Peak District, I’m slightly spoilt for subjects that offer ambiguity in bucket loads, given the number of stone circles that cover the Peaks.  It also gives me an opportunity to reacquaint myself with some them having not visited them for a year or so or indeed since my Stoneworks project.

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